'would you forgive me if one day you wake up to find out that i didn't?'

'do you think you will ever love me again?'

Beauty Spots
Title: Beauty Spots
Word Count: 1,737w
Rating: PG13
Warning: too much kissing and baekhyun lips and sehun being.. in love.

The soft, almost silent whine that leaves Baekhyun's lips makes Sehun's own twitch into a smile, Read MoreCollapse )

Vive Ut Vivas
Title: vive ut vivas (Live so that you can live)
Pairing: sehun x baekhyun
Rating: NC-17
Warning: mentions of self-harm, mentions of sex, attempted suicide

The next time Baekhyun saw Sehun again was when he paid Chanyeol a rare visit at the club.

Read moreCollapse )

Why I love Sebaek
There are too many reasons.

I can't seem to be able to name any.

And I'm seeing so little of them.

I'll just be the one to write more FFs on AsianFanfics.


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